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Far Cry 3 Review

“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?” I know people don’t like comparing Far Cry 3 to Skyrim, but in my opinion this is an ...
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Pixel Perfect – Uplink: Hacker Elite Review

Uplink is a bit like Zork - no wait, before you click away from this page, hear me out... Uplink is one of those games that has embedded ...
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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Review

In one of my recent reviews I used the term "License Abuse" and by this I mean that when an already powerful media company wish to use video games ...
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Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review

When the original Zone of the Enders first came out it was well received for several reason, firstly it had Hideo Kojimas name associated with it ...
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Rocksmith Review

My previous musical experience could comfortably fit on the back of a small postage stamp - I’m not one those people who fancied himself a ...
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The Walking Dead: The Game Review

It’s not every day that you can say a game makes you truly emotional, makes you truly feel something. In fact I think I could count the number of ...
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Madden NFL 13 Review

Some things in life are guaranteed – like that package you've been waiting in for all day arriving just when you nip out for two minutes or your ...
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FIFA 13 Review

It’s hard to distinguish much difference in the annual release games, at least with games like Call Of Duty the story mode will be fresh, with ...
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Review – Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse

Back in 2004 the Family Guy TV show came back onto our television screens after Fox Television decided to cancel it. After a couple of years of ...
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angrybirds_trilogy feature image

Angry Birds Trilogy Review

Aside from being the original bird flinging simulator and the first game to take full advantage of touch screen controls, Angry Birds is arguably ...
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