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9 Score

Contest of Champions Review

Last week, a new Superhero game dropped for mobiles called Contest of Champions. It’s a freemium fighter full of heroes and villains from the ...
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Game of the Week: Scrolls from Mojang

Normally around this time we would do an “Android” game of the week. This week is a bit different as a game a lot of people have been waiting ...
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contest of champions

Marvel Contents of Champions arrives to fill your Nerdy Dreams

Comic nerds of the know all about Secret Wars and Contest of Champions – they were awesome. The latter now has a mobile game based on the series, ...
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9.5 Score

Is Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Worth Playing?

A brand new game hit the app store this week, and I got very, very excited. The game in question is Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, and it is a title ...
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Kingdom Rush Origins
9.5 Score

Kingdom Rush Origins Review

Kingdom Rush was one of our favorite Tower Defense games when it was released, and their latest game, Kingdom Rush Origins, just touched down last ...
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Vainglory, New Mobile MOBA Finally Out in US iTunes

A little earlier this year, we posted about Vainglory, a game that was in development at the time. Vainglory is a mobile based MOBA that was ...
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Throwback Thursdays: Beyond Ynth

Every once in a while its fun to take a look back at some great mobile games that have been popular, but possibly become lost in the shuffle. ...
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9 Score

Drawtopia Review – A Fun Drawing Game

Drawtopia is a fairly new title to hit the iOS store that features a very cool drawing mechanic that makes for an interesting gameplay experi...
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Epic Warhammer 40K App Hits iOS Store

If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe I have big news for you today - HeroCraft have just released their latest title - Warhammer 40K: ...
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Nexus Player microconsole announced, pre-orders begin October 17

We love a good microconsole as much as the next gamer, and we’ve  had our eye on the Android TV box since we learned about it over the summer. ...
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