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And the Award for “Most Unnessecary Game” Goes to…

Dawngate.  It's a MOBA that is exactly the same as every other MOBA on the market.  Shown at EA's E3 press conference, Dawngate is a MOBA that, ...
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real boxing

Top 10 iOS Fighting Games

Mortal Kombat X was recently announced, and quite a lot of hype has followed since. If you're a fan of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, but want ...
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Top 10 Games That Should Be Ported to iOS

Smartphones are now powerful enough to easily house games from the original Xbox, the PS2 and PS1, among other consoles, and if video game develo...
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10 Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback Part 2

A few weeks ago we brought you a list of 10 game franchises we thought deserved a sequel or a reboot. Well we couldn't stop at just 10, and with ...
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Flashback Fridays: Jelly Defense from Infinite Dreams

In our first edition of Flashback Friday, we talked about an awesome simulation game called A Story of a Band. This time around, we’re switching ...
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Apple and Google Fight to bring Exclusive Games to their Platforms

If you own an Android handset, you already know that iOS gets the good stuff first, and sometimes Android gamers have to wait months, if not years ...
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10 Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

Have you ever thought back to games you played in your childhood and wished they'd come back with a sequel or a reboot? Well that's what this list ...
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Beta Breakdown – Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

The Simpsons Tapped Out has done very well for itself on the App Stores, bringing in between 5 to 10 million downloads for Android alone. Family ...
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Top 10 N64 Platformers

Retro gaming has been a hot trend lately, and one of the most popular retro gaming consoles is the Nintendo 64. One of the things that made the N64 ...
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Radical Dreamers – The Chrono Trigger Sequel You Never Played

Chrono Trigger is considered by many to be the best of it's genre.  Originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, Chrono Trigger was ...
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